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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Questions
Payments Related Queries
Product Quality Requirements
Order Process Questions
Shipping Questions

General Questions

I am not living in United States. Can i still sell my used product to MX123?

Right now, we are only accepting pre-owned product from the United States.

Is there any minimum order requirement?

Each sell order must be worth at least $20.00 anything less than that is not accepted.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we do offer Free Shipping if you send us 10 or more Dvds or Games. We provide you pre-paid shipping label. For info on our Free Shipping Policy go here

How does MX123 arrive at their prices?

We sell these used titles through our online and local store. The prices are derived from sales experience through these stores.

Payment Related Queries

Will you give me Credit or Cash?

We will give you cold hard cash (in the form of a check or paypal payment - your choice!) that you spend any way you wish.

How do i get the payment?

MX123 pays by PayPal or by check via US Mail.

How long it will take to receive my shipment?

Please allow 1-2 weeks before we receive your shipment. Typically service with our U.S. Postal Service Return Merchandise shipping label takes us 1 week to receive the shipment. However, please allow 2 weeks for us to receive your shipment before emailing or calling us because this service can occasionally take longer.

When we receive your shipment, if you used our U.S. Postal Service Return Merchandise shipping label, you will receive an automated email from us that your shipment has safely been received.

How long does it take to get paid?

Please allow us up to 2 business days to process your shipment. If you did not use our free U.S. Postal Service Return Merchandise shipping label please allow up to 3 days. Your payment will be made by Paypal or your check will be in the mail (depending upon which payment option you chose) when processing is complete.

How do i use Paypal to get the money?

Paypal is the most widely used online payment system. If you do not have account with paypal, you can Sign-up for a PayPal account now. You can then specify your Paypal Email in your sell orders and we will transfer funds into that account. You will receive an email from Paypal when you get the money.

Do we alway honor the prices quoted on our website?

We alway honor our prices to dvd collectors, the core of our business. In instances when it becomes apparent to us that a seller is engaged in arbitrage business (selling to us solely to exploit our pricing to create profit opportunities) we may choose to reject a Sell Order or certain items in a Sell Order. is designed to be a consumer website but will gladly buy from dealers as long as our quoted pricing is not being taken advantage of.

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Product Quality Requirements

We only buy DVDs and Video Games which comply with our quality requirements

For what Game platforms and Language do you accept Titles?

Please note that we currently only accept United States/English titles for the following gaming platforms: Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation, PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, DS & Color

What if my titles are rejected?

In case, we reject one or more of your DVDs or Games, MX123 will ship any titles that fails to meet our quality standards back to you at a cost to you of $2.00 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item. Usually we attempt to repair discs that are repairable but if there are many discs in bad condition or artwork is irreparable, we will return the package back to you. If you don't want us to return such packages, you can add a note in your package authorizing MX123 to dispose of the package that fails to meet our quality guidelines.

Would you pay more for titles which have never been opened?

We only purchase used DVDs, games or CDs. If you send us new merchandise it will be returned to you.

Would you buy Titles I bought from a DVD or Video Game club?

As long as we have the titles in the database, we will buy it. If not, we wont.

Would you buy Titles not found in your Database?


I am seeing multiple upc codes for my search item!

Some Items may have multiple UPC Codes due to product reissues by manufacturers. In that case, please check UPC code of your item and search by that UPC code. We will pay the amount that corresponds to the UPC of the item you ship to us. We suggest searching for your items by UPC and by title only if a UPC search yields no results.

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The Order Process Questions

Can i send multiple orders in one package?

Yes, You can ship both orders together in the same box, but make sure you put both packing labels in the box.

Multiple Boxes?

If your Sell Order is large, you are welcome to ship in multiple boxes. You will need to reprint the same shipping label for additional boxes. Also mark the outside of each box with a "box 1 of 3" and "box 2 of 3", etc. so we may gather up all your boxes before we begin processing your sell order. You do not need to place our Packing List in each box. Just one Packing List in one of the boxes is enough.

Can I sell multiple copies of the same dvd or video game?

Yes. you can sell to us multiple quantities of the same item but there is max limit for each title and the shopping cart will not let you sell us more then we allow for each title. So, please don't send us more items then what is listed in the shopping cart.

In case you want to sell huge quantities to us, please click here.

How do I reprint my shipping label?

Check your email. An email confirmation was sent to you when you completed your sell order. This confirmation includes your shipping label in case you were not able to print it the first time.

How do i get my shipping label to print properly?

Your email program may have a setting restricting graphics within the email. There is usually a yellow box above the email that asks "allow html in this email?" Click this and the barcodes required on the shipping label will appear. If this is still unclear View Our How to Print Shipping Labels Video.

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Shipping Questions

How do I ship the products?

After completing Checkout process, you'll see a page with two labels shown on the page. One label is a packing slip, showing your address and a list of the titles you are shipping. The other is a pre-paid shipping label (presuming you sell us 10 or more items) showing your address as the From address, and our address as the Shipping address. Print this page twice - keep a copy for yourself, and cut out the labels for the shipment. Put the packing slip inside the box, and the shipping label outside.
For more information about our Free Shipping offer click here.

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