Fundraising Verbiage | Fundraising Opportunity
Raise Funds for Your Organization by Collecting DVD, Book, and CD Donations
These Sample Letters and Verbiage are apart of your Free Marketing Materials:
Don't know what to say? Let say it for you. Here are some quick
and easy lines you can use to help promote your fundraiser. There's also
preformatted letters you can use to submit to parents and your local media
outlets where all you do is plug in your information about your event.
With our Media Drive
here's what you will
Money handling & lost cash

Sales that don't pay up

Long drawn out selling and

Instead you will
An education for our children
on recycling and reuse.

After just 1 event get your
funds quick.

Top dollar paid on your media.

Step-by-step instructions
and marketing materials.

Free Shipping Label.

Praise for being original &

Free Materials
Free Materials: