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Try selling your DVDs, video games and CDs on the web! Record shops in Las Vegas may buy back your previously used DVDs, video games and CDs but mx123 provides the maximum payments because we are skilled in video games, DVDs and CDs. We pay a different value for every item, not a one price works for all. We fork out extraordinarily high prices for some titles. Simply enter the UPC and obtain a price for your DVDs, video games and CDs right away! Its Easy to sell on mx123.com ! We buy all your movies and games and don't cherry pick through your most desirable items. Postage is free. Just simply leave your package with your USPS mail carrier; Theres no need to stand in line at the post office.

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Entering "sunshine" for a Keyword will find dvd titles with the word "sunshine" (sunshine, sunshine boys, blue sunshine, etc.)

Entering "0027616716927" as a UPC finds the corresponding dvd (Hackers)

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buy, sell purchase used dvd and dvds movies
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A UPC code is a 12-digit number associated with an item. You will usually find it on the back of your item you wish to sell us. Make sure to also enter the small numbers on the left and right side as well.

This is read as 014100078463